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A viewer can imagine she is looking in not on a porn set but on some ongoing, unfolding sexual moment.

The work that goes into producing real sexual performances for viewers is principally the work of performers, who Stefanos repeatedly told me have their boundaries treated with respect.

It’s Kink’s flags that fly now from the top of one of the armory’s brick turrets, with the company’s URL visible even on Google Street View.What happens is the guests themselves just begin to play with one another, just like a play party.” But the work of producing a real performance is easy for Kink to obscure, especially within the physically dominating structure of the castle.Every Upper Floor video starts with a shot of the armory, dramatically lit, flags on its top waving, then fades to an image of the Kink logo.I feel like, if people look at what I do up here as “evil,” the reasoning that I have—and maybe not the smartest reasoning in the world—is that if what I do is evil, I feel like I’m the lesser of all those evils. He was right, in that the business model Kink has adopted existed before he was hired, and the decision to cut live webcam performers’ pay at the same time the Upper Floor expanded wasn’t his to make.And the reason that I’m here is that I can inform everyone of the risks before they take them. It’s hard enough in a business that doesn’t involve the production of a stigmatized sexual performance to talk about power, control, and ethics.“As a director you have deadlines, product, budgets, employees and profits that you are responsible for. But it is important to recognize who has more power in the situation.” When I ask Stefanos about how he understands his job, he told me: I’ve had people ask me, “Don’t you think you’re taking away people’s work by doing what you’re doing?” And I’m not sure that I’m taking away people’s work.The leather, iron, and brick aesthetics may signal erotic torment, but there’s homey consistency to the Upper Floor shows, with regularly scheduled brunches and orgies.A rotating yet recurring cast of characters appear each time and on the same sets, like the “house slaves” in the Kink uniform of black stockings with a contrasting red weft, held up by black garters.In the years since, while Twitter was launching a short bike or BART ride away, while Facebook was opening up to the world outside the brick confines of the Ivies, Kink transformed the armory into its own platform, a fantasy-stocked retreat furnished by and for the pleasure and reward of CEO Peter Acworth.It’s a rare accomplishment: a porn production studio that aims to favorably represent a sexual subculture, that holds free sex parties and (paid) public tours, that positions itself as a San Francisco institution with unironic civic pride.


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