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What, if any, are the therapeutic techniques/approaches/ ideas that you think might be most effective in this more humble goal of managing narcissistic pathology.

I would opt for CBT (a cognitive-behavioural therapy).

I suspect many therapists might agree in large part with that idea on the basis of their disappointing results with narcissistic clients.

But, as you suggest, therapists might be able to help manage their expressions of narcissism to help moderate the damaging effects of too rampant a narcissistic engagement with other parts of their world.

It remains an inert and indifferent piece of “wisdom”, with minor influence on my psyche. Many narcissists report the same process of progression followed by recidivist remission and many therapists refuse to treat narcissists because of the Sisyphean frustration involved.

When I first found out about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), I really believed that I could change. This was especially true since my whole world was in shambles. I never said that narcissists cannot CHANGE – only that they cannot HEAL.


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