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These days it is common for the term 'intimate partner violence' to be used.Others include 'family violence' (particularly in the context of violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities) or 'relationship violence'.But as well as understanding what domestic violence is, nurses require some insight into the nature of these relationships.Such relationships are not about isolated incidents of physical violence followed by long periods of harmony.Some responses to assist successful communication in these circumstances could include: Nurses can play an important role in working toward the creation of a violence free community but they must first become informed.They must then insist the organisations in which they work accept this responsibility and work together to create environments that support people experiencing domestic violence.What would it mean to nurses who are themselves living in abusive/violent relationships, or other women living with abuse/violence whom nurses meet in the course of their work, if this topic could be discussed in informed and supportive ways?

Nurses have also been reluctant to embrace this issue in hospital settings.Despite this, nurses have an important role to play in their work in hospital and community settings, to assist women (and their children) who are victims of abuse/violence in a domestic situation.Evidence shows the effects of abuse/violence have a profound impact on women's and children's health, and that women regularly seek services from health care workers, including nurses, for health concerns related to this abuse/violence.In order to ensure this, we must become tireless in our efforts not only to attain peace, justice and prosperity for countries, but also for communities and members of the same family.We must address the roots of violence." —Nelson Mandela It is now 30 years since domestic violence first began to emerge as a significant issue.While an enormous amount of work has been done to improve the safety of women and children in our community, there is now a heightened concern about the many aspects of interpersonal violence that have an impact on the basic human right to live a life free of violence and abuse, with recent data indicating violence against women remains a substantial problem within our community.Nurses are a large group of service providers who have a central ethic of caring and an agenda of early intervention and health promotion in their work to improve the health status of communities.While domestic violence remains a serious and frequent aspect of women's intimate relationships, and women and children suffer health consequences as a result, nurses have a significant role to play in working toward the prevention and early intervention of domestic violence.Imagine what could be achieved if all nurses were as informed about domestic violence as they are about wound care, or diabetes management, for example?Men can also be victims of this violence, but evidence indicates the majority of victims are women, and it is women who are more likely to suffer health consequences.It is also known that such violence occurs across all cultural and socio-economic groups.


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