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Consolidating emails to one gmail account

Good article, Bob, on consolidating e-mail accounts. But what Gmail is lacking is a way to consolidate multiple Gmail accounts into one Gmail account.Or, if there is a way, I couldn't find it in the Gmail help files.In some cases, this new behavior is not desired, for instance when you want to deliver your POP3 messages to an Exchange account or simply when you want to monitor all your POP3 accounts from a single mailbox in Outlook.Changing the behavior back to the way it was in previous versions of Outlook is quite easy to do by changing the delivery location for the POP3 account to another Personal Folder set (pst-file) or Exchange mailbox.How can I get all my POP3 accounts to deliver to the same Personal Folders list again?This is indeed a change in Outlook 2010 and continued in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016; All configured mail accounts will get their own Personal Folders list (pst-file) or mailbox.

In Outlook 2010/2013/2016, they all go into a separate Personal Folders list making it very hard to track my new messages.By doing so, all mail data is automatically separated for each account.Outlook 2007 also already had this option, but was not used by default.The multiple accounts only need to be set up once, and the mail from each account can be delivered to a single local local inbox. I've had the same primary email account with Yahoo for 12 years. Thank You I find that an easy way to keep track of all my e-mail addresses is to use Webmail Notifier for Mozilla Firefox.I use others strictly as "throwaways." The final step that should be added to your article is to use a email client on your PC and use the POP function to download it all. Been fooling around with Outlook, Thunderbird, Ypops etc. I never have to check manually, other than the occasional bug.There are many people who for various reasons prefer to use POP mail and a whole generation who have grown up with webmail and don't even know there is such a thing as POP. I have it set to check every 1 minuet and it displays results in the task bar, one click and you can see whats there before they get imported. The chances of both your pc and gmail dying at the same time are slim. It doesn't consolidate address books but it's a good defence against spam ect. I may be from the old school but I am quite happy with Outlook and have 3 accounts from different ISP's. In case I missed or deleted the wrong email, I have a month to go back and remail it to myself. With three Zoho Mail accounts, five phones and several workstations, who is to stay ahead of it all?Fortunately, Zoho Mail makes it easy to consolidate: you can forward all mail received at one Zoho Mail account to another, to a notification app for your phone, and to any old email address, of course.This method results in faster receipt because email will be forwarded as received instead of waiting for Gmail to request the mail. As far as I can tell only Hotmail balks at forwarding directly to gmail. I am helping a friend convert from AOL mail to Gmail and have a question. You can also forward email from any other Gmail account to the prime account. I have 5 mail addresses and use POPTRAY to collect from all the servers, it's free and you can delete anything before it gets to your email program. I make sure all the email is clean, sorted, junk removed and then use Thunderbird once a week or so to download everything from gmail via IMAP (leaving copies on the gmail server). Gmail is pretty reliable but never put all your eggs in one basket. I understand that the process explained in the article will import all email and address books that are online at AOL, but will it import all the archived messages in the AOL mail application that my friend still uses?


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  4. U can keep ur emails. Good article, Bob, on consolidating. But what Gmail is lacking is a way to consolidate multiple Gmail accounts into one Gmail account.

  5. This post explains how to combine outlook inbox in Outlook. account will prompt Outlook to. so that it becomes easy for you to manage your emails.

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