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Persian speed dating

Half an hour down the 405 freeway, on Westwood Boulevard, you can tell by the way people cross the street that you’re in the Iranian part of Los Angeles.

Instead of waiting at the crosswalk, pedestrians dash between moving cars, careful to lock eyes with each driver before striding into a lane.

TVT’s Dvar Torah Speed Dating program was hugely popular with both the students and the scholars who participated in the special session on Tuesday, August 29.

Students enjoyed the wide range of opinions presented by the scholars, and local rabbis and teachers were impressed by the knowledge and preparation of the students.

Now in his senior year of high school, Parshaw is a handsome, loose-limbed boy with dark wavy hair, warm brown eyes, and a prominent nose. He likes to cruise around the neighborhood—a circle of well-kept houses radiating out from the local elementary school—in his black Lexus GS 300, a seventeenth-birthday present from his parents.

Rabbi Kirzner added, “The students have done a lot of work, and I was impressed with the questions they asked.

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June 21, 1998, Iran’s national soccer team walked onto the field in its first World Cup tournament since the country had overthrown the Shah, installed an Islamic government, and taken fifty-two Americans hostage, nineteen years earlier. In Westlake Village, California, in a two-story stucco house on a cul-de-sac dotted with lemon trees and oversized roses, a twelve-year-old boy named Jonathan Dorriz watched the game with his father.

He pointed out the park where a recent Iranian New Year’s picnic had attracted so many people that valet parking was required.

He told me about the posses of Iranian tough guys who come in from the Valley to strut in front of Westlake’s Iranian girls.


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