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Ex of 6 years left me for some dude in another country!

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She became depressed, anxiety, crazy, everything you can think of after losing a parent obviously.One of the main problems that none of her close friends have been in london, rather they are in other places in UK!and her new job which she joined from october has very werid timings as she is a hotel concierge so she had been pretty tired and stressed and my new job has always been pressurizing from july 12! i wish her happiness but i also know and feel she would be most happy with me! My ex GF is in a rebound and added the brother and cousin of this new guy. I know because I have a password of one of her social media, and I always see pictures of them in the same place and hour, but they are never together in the pictures... She dont want to expose herself, but in meanwhile, I think this guy would not want to be hidden from a ex of his new date... I know I just have to quit in check her stuff, but is hard. Me and boyfriend were together 18 months (proposed on our 1 year anniversary) we were looking to move in together and out of the blue he rang me and said he loved me bit couldnt commit so left me. Said I was perfect and all he wanted when we were together but he couldnt do it. He blocked me on fb but one of my friends saw it on her profile. Just wondering if you guys think this is a rebound?I just feel like this is all super fast out of a 2 year relationship, and I'm wondering if this could be classified as a rebound or not?And if so/if no how much of an impact this relationship may have on us ever getting back together. I guess the fact it is or isn't a rebound, doesn't mean too much though in regards to her having a long term relationship with the guy?She dated a guy a few weeks but ended that, and is now dating another guy, and is in a relationship according to FB with him after only having met him in person for 10 days.The strange thing is she's hiding the relationship from all her friends, etc.Nell, I've been working on self improvement big time. I know it doesn't even make sense for you as of now, but try to move on.You say "Leave her alone and start building yourself up. If she truly loved you then she will contact you first, if not then you can keep on the track. Dating other girls also help a lot in getting over.I know it is **** hard not to, but once you do it you will start feeling better and stop panicking.I'm in the same situation as you, so take my advice. Keep in no contact at least for a month, convince yourself to move on and don't think about getting back.


  1. Of course not! If you give up dating, the International Romance Squad IRS will find out. They have metrics on your past success/failure rate and use thermal imaging to monitor the your current levels of humiliation and satisfaction. If there's a significant difference from previous levels, you're toast. And I mean that literally.

  2. Emails and sometime over phone! our best thing were chemistry & compatibility! during our friendship and dating, we have poility rejected dating offers from other people! however, our relationship was in trouble from mid october, and I was traveling throughout entire november, where i rarely had access to net or phone.

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