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Because I feel like I learned a lot just from “God Hates the Tips.” I was writing that song and I told one of my friends, and he was really excited and told me that I had to look up “Metzitzah B’peh.” That’s crazy.I didn’t know about that and I was like, that’s the main part of the song because that’s just such an insane practice.I have a short attention span, so I wanted to a special where we were constantly jumping back and forth between brand new video segments and live performances.And even in the live performances, I wanted to do something where there was stuff on the screen behind me. I recorded and performed all of these songs in the studio, but this was the first time that I was able to perform it all with the full band, background singers, and dancers at the same time.From a very upbeat and detailed history of circumcisions to a ballad that chronicles the rise of the gay marriage orgypocalypse, Moore’s at the top of his game in this special that airs tomorrow at midnight.

The son of former Christian folk singers, Moore has a very colorful take on religion and that is quite evident in this new special.

It’s just that religion and politics are things that I always come back to and think about a lot.

They’re things that I like to write about a lot, so they’re recurring themes because they were a huge part of when I was growing up.

It is not necessary to watch all the episodes linearly to understand what is going on because there is no story or character development throughout the episodes.

series ended in 2011, Trevor Moore has mostly been touring the country and playing his wonderful brand of comedy music.


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