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Charlene choi and wu chun dating who is dating who com

Maybe she will gave it free for chun and the cast-director!

Oh yeah, she also mentioned she hope Wu zun will find a perfect match in the future! Charlene continues to say that "in the film we play lovers, but in real life we are good friends.Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety.Thank you for your co-operation.[20] Wu Zun denies romancing Ah Sa The Chun-Angela romance has become history! I wonder if there are going to be alot of behind the scenes. It would be awesome if the crew donated $ though haha The article translated by Beeboo is so cute! Since she is donating the money she earned from the book to single parents children.Joey mention that Sa don't want to go to Brunei huh?LOL, there must be another reason behind it or was joey joking? LOL, come on...which rumor couple actually ADMITS their relationship!Maybe they went out for food with the group, the weather was cold and Charlene might not be in the best condition of her health, then Chun being a gentleman Charlene denied the rumor with Wu Zun, but she also mentioned that she will joined the Far. However, no one was interested in what they were wearing but Charlene's scandal with Wu Zun.Fan Club, because she isn't afaird of their fans!! Charlene said she have been filming for two months for two films, so one month for each film.If anything, i remember she said she wants to stay with her parents, and take care of them. Hi just looked at my sister work, I really like it. Anyway, Beebo could you vaguely tell me what this is about? 吴尊称想到阿sa就会流泪 甜蜜不惧绯闻 作者:hxjljy 时间: 2008-06-22 1 位TOM网友发表了评论40 位TOM网友顶过21 位TOM网友踩过由吴尊、阿Sa、胡歌等主演的古装轻喜剧《剑蝶》即将杀青。6月11日,几位主演及导演马楚成、动作导演程小东一起出现在北京答谢媒体。在答谢会上,主办方准备了水果篮献给导演,阿Sa和吴尊却借花献佛,互相赠送,甜蜜的话也大方说出口,完全不担心会传绯闻。在答谢会的中间,主办方准备了一篮水果和蔬菜给大家,让演员挑出自己认为最合适的送给导演做礼物。但出人意料的是,阿Sa从篮子里抱了一个密瓜出来,并没有递给马楚成,却转身给了身边的帅哥吴尊,并说:“其实我平时送过很多礼物给导演了,这次我要把这个蜜瓜送给吴尊。因为我们在这部电影里有很多甜蜜的场面,希望以后的生活中也能留住这份甜蜜的爱的感觉。”一旁的吴尊受宠若惊,赶紧也从篮子里选出一样东西回赠阿Sa,而他选的却是一个阿Sa平时根本不吃的洋葱。吴尊对阿Sa解释说:“切洋葱的时候会流眼泪,我想到你的时候也会流眼泪,会觉得很感动。”令在座媒体大跌眼镜。而问及两人如此互诉衷肠是否担心绯闻产生,两人就一致表示:不会,绯闻都是你们写出来的!吴尊否认密恋阿Sa飞轮海魅力比太阳更火热,昨天顶着高温在大佳河滨公园为代言与歌迷同乐,现场有4、500名歌迷顶着艳阳追星,甚至有日本女粉丝一身时尚造型来看飞轮海。大批歌迷几乎是女生,目光追着4个帅哥跑,也不在意偶像这些真假绯闻。吴尊又传出和协作拍戏的阿Sa“密恋”,他昨天再被问到,还是一迳否认:“都是你们媒体在写啦。”另外,辰亦儒先前被爆是四人中最闲一员,他也澄清:“公司在挑戏,只是最近没有合适的剧本。”为符合代言产品的形象,飞轮海甩汗当阳光男孩,4人各自骑协力车载歌迷,因炎亚纶的脚曾经受伤,身后的歌迷万分不舍,一直希望换炎亚纶坐后座。运动完,4人胃口大开,满桌奇异果大餐,他们大口大口吃,几乎无暇回答问题。飞轮海4人是出了名的顾头发,都以1人喷掉1罐定型液着称,昨天戴上单车帽后,就不便再拿下来,只有剪短发的炎亚纶可以拿下帽子。健身教练出身的吴尊还被大家拱去攀岩,结果被另外3人亏“无敌浩克”。Thanks a ton for the translation Livi.She probably got it because she saw charlene's Part 7 thread intro is amazing. Sa is so cute how she is trying to prevent the rumor from spreading BUT Joey is not helping at all!


  1. Photo Source Gillian Chung Instagram" data-reactid="18" 2 Apr - Hong Kong star Gillian Chung admitted that she was frustrated to be called a third

  2. Are Wu zun and ella chen dating. to be together,they aren't,nor Wu Zun is with Angela Zhang or Charlene Choi,Or. Wu Chun is currently dating Spongebob.

  3. Chinese name Charlene Choi. rumors of an off-set romance between Charlene Choi and Wu Chun. Charlene Choi began dating Hong Kong singer Ronald Cheng.

  4. William Chan and Charlene Choi have officially broken up. William and Charlene began dating in late 2010. William Chan and Charlene Choi Are Officially Over.

  5. Charlene choi and wu chun dating. See full summary » Zhu Yanzhi Charlene Choi, disguised as a man, seeks to learn martial arts with an elite clan.

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