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Back to good ole ‘Rock Vegas’ Lovely evening with the Hudson Crew! Shanahan Clan Ken and Shirley Mathers Jules Uncle Allie and Aunty Bernice Beer Chook time!! Ha Ha The Beautiful Capricorn Coast Our True home town!! Local markets, and a golden opportunity to get a photo with Ms Rockhampton AND Ms Gracemere! Then we made good use of the pool enjoying a very long refreshing evening swim.

You know you’ve made it when you end up on the cover of the local Bulletin! Bit of maintenance on the house and shed More of the Sensational Capricorn Coast Queenslands best kept secret! Crashed out late as we kicked back and watch some TV.

All fun and games to the side, it was now time to get serious and move out to Redlands, California- where we are going to make our home for the next 3 months Through the amazing cycling community and network of “Warm Showers” we were extremely fortunate to find accommodation, and are renting a room from a local couple.

Summary Weather: Hot sunny day, evening breezes Towns/Villages: Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos State/Country: Quintana Roo / Mexico May the Zen be with you July 14, 2015 Day 439 Puerto Morelos (Q.

Please don’t forget to visit and click on the ‘follow me’ button at our new Blog Site for our continuing Journey commencing in January 2016 cycling through Yucatan, Central and South America at: https://travellingfoxes68part2.We returned from Australia to the USA for the month of December 2015. Next Stop was more summer fun at the Redlands Splash Kingdom thanks to free tickets from Keith’s Mum Janet (we were able to give the remaining tickets to an unsuspecting family,which gave them a great day for free!! ) We have been very fortunate to have managed to fit in sooooo many more fun events than we initially imagined, we thought it would be all work and no play, but we would have gone bonkers!!! When we peeped through sleepy eyes, the wind was whispering “headwind”. As we packed up, rechecking everywhere for that camera – no such luck, a quick breakfast and then we hit the road. After years of digging and excavating we discovered the lost people of the Yucatan The “Mini Mayan”!!! Our route to Kundry’s place went right by Costco – a hotdog, chicken bake and coffee….yes we did!!

Even though it was the holiday and festive season, there was still nursing to be done, nursing education points to be attained, scanning to be completed, income tax to be prepared, a storage shed to be dealt with and valuable time to be spent with our close friends. Keith and Erin managed to get us into the last Home game of the Angels Anaheim playing the Oakland Athletics. We then took the opportunity to house sit for Marcus and Sara and enjoyed the pool and fire pit Next it was ‘Vegas Baby’!! Yes believe it or not we have been working in amongst all these good times! It was only about 36km into Cancun: it was all about traffic, billboards, and resorts – another one of those less then interesting rides. Well we tried but unfortunately needed a membership card just to purchase the fast food…..actually, you even needed it to get in the car park!!

Yes its a completely different route, with different challenges, requiring different fitness and mental toughness. The seaweed was really bad here as well, but the atmosphere was more to our liking, very laid back, minimal tourists and only a couple of hawkers (unfortunately children).

New Years Eve The Blokes The Sheilas The Party Revelers The Crazy Kids! So now as we return to Mexico with our dream and goal, for 2016, set on the completion of cycling through Central and South America to Ushuaia Argentina, (our 3rd leg), those same feelings and emotions are present. We took the pedestrian street again, as yesterday we didn’t complete the entire stretch, it’s actually a couple of KMs long. ), we arrived to the host’s address however unfortunately Pablo was not about and we were unable to make contact. Only a further 3km, passing mangroves (with crocs in the water – didn’t see any though), and we were in the heart of the sleepy fishing village, known for its leaning lighthouse.Then it was the ‘Boys’ morning to ham it up with the kids and do a bit of ‘Manly’ painting of Xmas crafts from pinterest!!! Time for a little tandem ride with decorations on Christmas day before work Kens Birthday Kens final night shift with the Redlands gang and a special photo with Dahlia, who missed the gang photo, as she was actually working!! Not the same not having a Salcido or Smith with us!!! Well, as we sit here waiting to board our flight to Cancun Mexico, we discuss how this journey can be compared similarly to that of an Ironman Triathlon, which we have successfully completed in the past. Unfortunately we have a few irritating aches and pains since we’ve stopped riding………what’s that telling us……’go back out on the bikes’. The hospital here doesn’t take on short term secretaries, and even to volunteer at the hospital, the process was going to take such a long time, we would have been leaving by the time she would be starting. She is tackling a photo scanning project which we have wanted to do for years. When Ken goes to work, Jules goes to work scanning! He got us all sorted and we got to work reorganising our gear. We spent our last evening relaxing, doing some photos/blog… Summary Weather: Hot sunny day Towns/Villages: Puerto Morelos, Cancun State/Country: Quintana Roo / Mexico Please don’t forget to visit and click on the ‘follow me’ button at our new Blog Site for our continuing Journey commencing in January 2016 cycling through Yucatan, Central and South America at: https://travellingfoxes68part2.Amigos, Hasta Proxima Tiempo, Stay Safe The Travellingfoxes – Ken & Jules A 2fer to help you forget it all!The circus was in town with Austin as the main ringleader, and bike stuff arrived!! Christmas in Brea Then we strolled through one of the crazy American neighbourhoods that go absolutely ‘Balls to the Walls’ with their Christmas decorations! Jules picked me up on the Tandem and we rode down to a lovely cafe, Martha’s Green, for a celebratory breakfast. Standing at the starting line waiting patiently (sometimes impatiently) for that gun to go off, we reflect on the preparation, planning, fitness, our abilities, strengths, weakness and mental toughness. Ruth our Yoga ‘guru’, has been an integral party of our strength training for over 6 years! That is, the scanning, naming and dating of all our travel photos/scrapbooks (pre-digital) from 1992 to 2002, which entails…..whew!!!! It will be touch and go to have it complete before we head off again this is one committed and dedicated woman!! Well, one big change for us was the acquisition of a set of ‘wheels’ thanks to Ms Heather (a work colleague of Kens) Woohoo! We made a quick ride to the carwash (had to remove some of that sand from the bikes)… …listening to good music, and yarning with Benito (he cooked us a lovely dinner). July 13, 2015 Day 438 Playa del Carmen – Puerto Morelos (Q. It was a mid afternoon start, 2pm, hot with a slight headwind and …….The beauty of Christmas and remaining fall leaves A little dusting of snow over the mountains! Catching up with a great mate Marshall who visited us in Redlands, all the way from Central California Playing corn hole and drinking beer! Mark and Colleen hosted Matt via ‘Warmshowers’ cycling from Alaska to Mexico Over 19 weeks of 3 –12hrs night duties a week, Jules managed to scan, name and file approx 17 THOUSAND photos and documents, with a bed only 4 feet away!!! Days off visiting Kathy and Jack in Huntington Beach and strolling the streets checking out the Christmas lights Yes! No visit to Southern California is complete without a compulsory visit to Disneyland! We’re not even Star Wars fan, but it was an interesting a fun experience. Next night off to the pub in Buena Park and Marcus and Sara for Christmas Party drinks. Yes, we folded and went to see the Star Wars movie, with the Smith Family Clan Woohoo! To the Salcidos, Smiths, Madsens, and Eric Stone for unconditionally opening their homes to us and without hesitation lending us cars, feeding and always taking care of us. Protected by TSA from the groupies behind the glass! Our new Blog for this leg will be travellingfoxes68part2.Click on the followme button and it will be delivered free of charge straight to your in box! Unfortunately, the Vampire lifestyle of work has not played well our body clocks……one day we are wide eyed with insomnia and then the next we are sleeping 14hrs straight…..argh!!! Lady: -Did you want to get something to eat or drink? Jules: Muchas Gracias, Muy Amable (Thank you very much, Very kind) There we sat with grins from ear to ear and the occasional brain freeze……Man they hurt!with a HUGE shout out to Marcus who generously gave us the tickets! Just a little publicity for the new Star Wars being released by Disney! Then to Cathy and Marv’s for a Christmas White Elephant party (always a lot of fun)! Sheds empty, now its time back in Redlands for Christmas Eve drink with Chuck, Mark, Colleen and Friends! Champagne and Croissants with each others best friend! Merry Kegsmas Party Our last Morning with the Smiths Our last Evening with the Salcidos We are SOOOO gunna miss all of these guys!!! Waiting to be picked up by the shuttle, then being dropped off at LAX. To Tom and Mary and our Aussie – We can never thank you all enough for your continued support with all our crazy endeavors! We have enjoyed the change of scenery/break from riding and had every intention get in some running and strength training whilst not riding. She was offered a job back in Anaheim by her old boss (twice) however we are 60miles (95km) away, have no vehicle, and there is no appropriate public transport available (unfortunately). Jules: Yes we were going to but we don’t have a membership! From here it was 1km to Kundry’s place (she is actually in Ecuador) but had arranged for us to meet Benito.There are many things out of our control on a journey like this, and the only sure thing we know, is that when our journey begins we are going to give it everything we’ve got together. Cold with the occasional rain, and dusting of snow on mountain tops” Towns/Villages: Los Angeles, Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, Placentia, Huntington State/Country: (OC) California, USA Until Next Time Friends, Stay Safe The Travellingfoxes – Ken & Jules November 1-December 1 2016 Here we are on a plane off to the great ‘Land Down Under’ to freak out all our families and friends that have NO idea of this visit!! Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia Its amazing when you look back when you were younger, how bad you wanted to get away from a place, and now 13 years later how much you thoroughly enjoy returning! Good ole Aussie meat pie with mushy peas and sorting out some wheels! Awesome opportunity to catch up with mates we haven’t seen for over 17yrs! Time was getting away, 530pm, both not really wanting to ride on any further, so we went looking for a patch of grass.We thought that after 3months of work we deserved a bit of a holiday!!! This should be called ‘the Selfie trip’ as there are more than 20 selfie shots within! Nico’s Briskey’s This first week was spent surprising EVERYONE! ……..man, can a patch of grass offering nothing but grass really be this expensive (hence why bushcamping is a bargain). ………followed by a lovely night kicking back around the fire pit. Sara, Marcus, Marco and Neesa In the meantime (between all that work stuff) we spent our time drifting between mates (our Southern Californian Families), sleeping on couches, eating lots of food (had some weight to put back on), enjoying a few too many drinks at times and catching up on the happenings of life over the past 6months. ) Chelsea and Stephanie – 2 other travelling nurses) The generally suffering compulsory orientation had to be completed (although we worked for 2 weeks prior to doing it.) We are only 2miles from the hospital (so Ken rides) and less then 1mile to the downtown area. Redlands is a very cycling friendly outdoors community and there are lot of very nice houses and buildings of Colonial and Victorian era style. ) A great opportunity arose to catch up with another good mate, and our unofficial Sponsor Heath, who was moving on from Rudy Project. Fantastic night out with Marcus, Sara, Keith and Erin at Hero’s pub…… From July 16 to July 27, all up he had to do about 18 on-line courses (between both the company and hospital requirements), then have medicals, drug screens and endless paperwork but it all worked out fine and he would start work on July 27 at Redlands Community Hospital. So after 21months, you can appreciate that there was a tad bit of anxiety in the air. and so ‘the vampire lifestyle’ begins, working at night and sleeping during the day, (well either sleep or insomnia! What a better way to watch 2015 Kona Ironman World Championships! ROO) Mexico – Orange County (CA) United States of America Distance: 0km Total: 20286km Well it was a very late night to bed, or should we say it was an early morning around 1am and unfortunately we had such a crappy, hot miserable sleep. With a few last minute things sorted, some breaky in the belly, we said ‘see ya soon’ to the trusty steeds and were walking out the door at 430am. 5 1/2 months in the country and she feels the need to peruse the souvenir crap in the departure lounge to see if ‘She should buy something”!! The return flight from Cancun to Los Angeles was 5 1/2 hours (slept most of it): hhmmmm with a click of the fingers, what we had cycled during our 5 1/2 months was over in a flash and seemed so surreal. Summary Weather: “Just absolutely beautiful – a breath of cool fresh air – heaven”, and no mozzies! It was perfect timing to get the gang back together and have a Pageants of the Masters reunion at Laguna Beach Sunny Southern California Days But – we weren’t here for all fun! We thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic visit by a great friend Tom from Lincoln, Massachusetts. State/Country: (OC) California, USA Until Next time our friends, Stay Safe The Travellingfoxes – Ken & Jules Please don’t forget to visit and click on the ‘follow me’ button at our new Blog Site for our continuing Journey commencing in January 2016 cycling through Yucatan, Central and South America at: https://travellingfoxes68part2.July 16, 2015 Day 441 Cancun (Q. Once on the plane, comfy and sorted it wasn’t long before we were both in snoozeland……needed it. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening with great mates……and some delicious ‘You & I’ Thai Food with the Smith’s (Thanks Marcus & Sara) . Don’t worry……we will drop a line and keep you in the loop with news during our visit in So Cal, USA.


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