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He cites as his inspiration such icons as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Donny Hathaway as his most influential musical icons."There were people who knew of me but they didn't really know me; they just knew me as 'that music dude.' So after getting that so much, I was like 'Just call me Musiq.' It was so fresh to me because if I had to be called anything, I would have wanted to be called Music.She’s is a firm believer of parents connecting with their children in a more nontraditional way (in today’s society) and in the purest form. The poses seem like a combination between yoga, pole dancing, and some other type of flexible stances that many people could never possibly twist their limbs into…but somehow homegirl, can… I can't imagine still continuing to live life limited by everyone else's comfort levels and shadowed thoughts; hell even by my past fears and barriers. But ah well…guess everything ain’t always meant to be.Yet to walk freely inside myself is to journey courageously amongst others. Now that Musiq and Ashley have a little one on the way, I sincerely wish them a happy healthy baby and a long lasting relationship.

Deeply inspired by the R&B/Soul sound of the 70’s he uses the name “Soulchild” as a way to show respect and admiration to his biggest musical influences such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and many others.

Today (April 2, 2017) his girlfriend (whom most never even knew he was dating) confirmed that she was pregnant and hit fans with a ‘receipt’ to prove it.

Musiq’s woman is a popular Instagrammer, named Ashley “Tiyumba” Wright, who is known for her natural lifestyle, her flexible yoga poses, for her nontraditional parenting, her motivational female empowering messages, and her infamous pole dancing videos/photos. #respectandadorethedivinemasculine #heseesme #eyeseehim #happyvalentineday #mswrightsway #musiqsoulchild A post shared by Ashley "Tiyumba" Wright (@mswrightsway) on Because of her personal beliefs – and I’m pretty sure the flexible poses helps- Ashley’s gained many supporters of her movement.

On Sunday, April 1st, many thought Ashley was playing an April Fool’s joke on them when she announced her pregnancy on Facebook… So full for her valentine day to be spent celebrating beginnings old and new, artistry, family and love. Clearly, Musiq Soulchild is one of her supporters and as you can see in the above Instagram video, he has a beautiful bond with her daughter as well.

So to prove that she was still pregnant the next day and that it’s no joke on her end, she posted the below pregnant photo on Instagram and stated that she was ‘still pregnant’ after April Fool’s day. a couple years ago, she dated Musiq for 10 years and they have a son together.


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