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Dating old piano

To many music afficionados, the chance to own an old, beautifully-crafted instrument is something to be relished.

An old instrument carries sentimental value; it is a visual representation of the love and skills of craftsmen from centuries before.

In today’s terms, a full sovereign is worth at least 220 Euros or S3.

While the exact amount of the find was not disclosed, it is known to be substantial.

Pianos which have been subjected to constant use in schools and hotels, pianos that are never tuned, and instruments subjected to desert or ocean environments are some examples.

Sometimes pianos have hot air ducts below or behind them destroying soundboards.

One must surely wonder what other finds are in store for music lovers!

The age of a piano has little to do with the condition of the instrument.

Unlike people, pianos don’t age unless acted upon by an outside force.

In the case of pianos, it’s their environment or the amount they are played that will age them.

Unfortunately, the exact location turns out to be part of an army depot, out of bounds to the public.

It is interesting how treasures can be linked to music in the oddest of circumstances.


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