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Steam games keep validating radio carbon dating chemistry

Beyond that, this is a super-slim, lightweight machine with a huge trackpad and a keyboard which is among the most comfortable available.

The 13-inch display (15-inch models are available too) is high-resolution and vividly colourful.

With a silver design, it runs Windows 10, has a 15.6-inch display and a huge amount of RAM (16GB) to ensure it’s super speedy.

There’s not only a hefty hard drive (1TB) but 256GB of fast SSD memory, too.

Most laptops at this end of the scale have features like back-lit keyboards, making it much easier to type in a dimly lit room for instance, as well as plus-points like quick charging or extended battery life.

Buy now If you want a really portable laptop, the Pro 4 Tablet combined with the Type Cover keyboard make for a compelling choice.The 12.3-inch screen is bigger than the one on the Mac Book and easily high-resolution enough for use as your full-time laptop.There are a range of processors and storage options available, but this model has a good balance between power, storage (128GB of Flash memory) and price.Battery life is also impressive, lasting up to 17 hours between charges.The large trackpad is responsive and the processor is good enough to deal with the most demanding programs, such as for photo editing or music production.It’s slim and light but still manages to be fast and capable.Battery life is decent but the standout here is the charging speed: from zero to 60 per cent in under 50 minutes.Some of the Windows machines here have removable displays which turn them into tablets when there’s no keyboard hooked on.Many Windows laptops have touchscreen displays; no Apple laptops do.Like the Pro above, it uses the latest connector, USB-C, and that’s all.So if you have accessories, you’ll need an adaptor.


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