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Alyssa shelasky dating

\"When my friend's son turned 2, we became close again,\" says Lauren W., 30, from Philadelphia. I have this new respect for her because she's a great mom, and I learn from her every day.I'm glad I gave it another shot because we mean even more to each other now than we did before.\"\n In my case, my pregnant friend turned out to be on a different path than I was, and we drifted apart.\"Use this as an opportunity for a personal awakening,\" says Brateman.Get in touch with yourself and figure out what you're really feeling.Maybe this time, she needs you more than you need her.Alyssa Shelasky was tired of waiting for a man to start a family.

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Her hormones are out of whack, her body is bloated, and if this is her first kid, there's a good chance she's really, really scared.

\n\"When a baby disrupts the friendship as you know it, it can feel like the pregnant friend compromised everything without your consent,\" says Lisa Brateman, a relationship therapist in New York City, who confirms you're not an insensitive garbage person for feeling this way.

\"Feelings of abandonment, anger, rejection, and betrayal are normal in this situation,\" she says.\n A friend's pregnancy not only can feel like a violation of your friendship pact, but it's also a big hit on one's social life.

' It hit me hard, and I used her pregnancy as a catalyst to freak out about my own life status — that I'd chosen the wrong guys, that my job was going nowhere.

And just when I was having this existential crisis, she was busy stroller shopping and at doctors' appointments.\" It was like a catch-22, Madi says.


  1. Jul 16, 2012. But if you're interested in the true Alyssa experience, what I shall call The Full Shelasky, you'll have to motor on over to her personal blog, Apron Anxiety. SB It's 3 a.m. you're on a first date with heavy one-night stand potential, and the only thing open is the corner bodega which is not an artisanal food.

  2. Aug 15, 2006. Former Us Weekly nightlife reporter Alyssa Shelasky will be open up her social calendar to Glamour readers via the blog, sharing the details of her various dating adventures with her readers — who will in turn share their opinions on what she should do next. Taking this a step further than garden-variety.

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