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Wsus 3 0 clients not updating

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Found the fix for an error in my Windows logfile on Jeff Guillet’s Blog here but I will repost the instructions just in case that link goes bad for some reason.

If this is the case, then all is working, and you just need to hit "Check for Updates" on the client.

Yes you can force a Windows client to download and install updates when you want.

Configures WSUS clients to retrieve approved updates. Session object keeps a log in: C:\Windows\Windows This cookbook recommends Chef 12.6 .

That's the command to use, but it won't force a download, it just makes the client check in with WSUS and ensure it's interfacing with it.

In Windows server 2016, the WSUS version is 10.0.14393.

Microsoft strongly recommend considering a migration to newer WSUS version.

Basically, I have a WSUS 3.0 Server that had this error in the event log: As background, WSUS clients must connect to the Self Update virtual directory to check for a new version of the WSUS client before checking for new updates.

This always happens anonymously over port 80, even if WSUS is configured to use a custom port, such as port 8530.


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