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When a woman hears from a man who assaulted her in college, she's determined to bring him to justice.Thirty years later, a student at the same university speaks about an encounter with striking similarities. A card game is interrupted by gunfire, leaving a young man dead. Joe Kenda soon learns the seeds of his destruction were sewn earlier the same day.A transient discovers the body of an unidentified teenage girl in a culvert beside an Arizona freeway, close to the Mexican border. He never expected that the price he would pay for being wrong would be the life of someone he loved.Earlier in Washington, a teenager travels near and far searching for love and attention after a troubled childhood. On September 17th 2015, Edward Lowry is found savagely beaten and stabbed to death in a parking lot in South Dakota.

An astonishing true story of love, betrayal, and deception.

With little evidence left behind at the scene, can police painstaking piece together Ed's last moments from CCTV to find his killer?

The motive is initially not clear, but when Police question employees, they uncover a web of secrets and lies. When he brought his troubled younger brother out to Los Angeles, he thought he could help set him straight.

But when a freak storm washes one of them away sinister secrets are revealed.

After countless hours of work on the Johnnie Tynes Sr.


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