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Bonus: it's really sweet watching your bunnies groom each other (a sign of love) and jump around together.If you're adopting, look for an already bonded pair, which will make the transition to your home easier for everyone.

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Place the fresh hay on top of their litter box about two or three times a day (it's that easy).A common misconception is that two bunnies mean double the work.And, yes, while it does mean double the vet bills, it's actually about the same amount of day-to-day work for one rabbit as it is for two.Not all vets have the ability to care for rabbits, which are considered in the vet world to be exotic pets.And while a vet may say they take rabbits, if they aren't very experienced caring for rabbits, they could miss something.Bringing a bunny (or bunnies) into your home for the first time can be daunting.Rabbits are often misunderstood, leaving well-meaning bunny parents confused at times.And whether you have one or two bunnies (I have two), you only need to empty the litter box about once each week. If you're not willing to share your entire apartment with a bunny (because free-roaming is certainly an option), try fencing off a corner of the room and securing it to the wall.Pet stores sell wire fences that are great for this purpose.A rabbit's health is very delicate and, unfortunately, it can go south very quickly.If a rabbit stops eating for even just 12 hours, it can develop gastrointestinal (GI) stasis, and it can be deadly.


  1. Please come to Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation's special super adoption day this Saturday, February 13th! All bunnies must be. Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation is an incredible resource for caring for house rabbits! Michelle is a. Bunny bachelor spiffing himself up at our annual speed dating event today. 3 rabbits found.

  2. The Method and Magic of Bonding Rabbits. By Amy S. You may have read the article about bunny matches in the last Friends of. Rabbits FoR newsletter see E-Haremony Bunny Speed Dating. Perhaps you've heard people talk about how adorable and heartwarming it is to watch bunny friends snuggle together. So.

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