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Little intimidating

True, the 5'9" Nate Robinson is not the smallest player ever to lace 'em up in the NBA, nor is he the shortest Slam Dunk Champion of all-time (damn you, Spud Webb! And to be sure, his antics are often times quite silly (like the time he nearly broke his face after falling off Paul Pierce). In his heyday, Uruguayan defender Jose Batista had a reputation of being one of the dirtier players on the pitch.Nevertheless, he dunked over Dwight Howard, who is one of the most intimidating players currently playing in the NBA. He was also one of the shortest, as he was barely pushing 5'4".I can't remember who it was, but I definitely recall an opposing defender describing Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew as a "little ball of muscle."Considering the fact that Jones-Drew's 5'7" frame tips the scales at nearly 210 pounds, I'd say that's an apt description.And this is exactly what separates him from other small running backs who get by mainly on speed and elusiveness (i.e. Jones-Drew is one of the more powerful runners in the league today and would-be tacklers are going to be sore the next morning if they hit him head-on. Calvin Borel is one of the more accomplished jockeys in horse racing today, totaling 4,776 career wins, which includes three Kentucky Derby victories. I don't have exact measurements, but I'm pretty sure you should be able to take my word for it without much difficulty.I'll be in Shanghai, so there should be fair number of people who can speak English..still nervous nonetheless! On the other hand maybe some of the food will be healthy. I was recruited as an unpaid volunteer expert in regulatory issues for the Jordanian govt. Yeah, the whole thing is a little intimidating, but I'm sure I'll be fine.I have a list of do eat / don't eat, so hopefully that will help? Don't give in to sudden food urges and you'll be fine. Honestly, the thing that would be most likely to get me would be fresh fruit or veggies. Her super sleek superstructure and hull lines simply does not evoke the feeling of power and intimidation that ships like Bismarck or Yamato or even KGV does.Regardless of how effective they may have been, those thin tower masts and compact superstructure just makes the ship look ; if I were to use less diplomatic adjectives, it would be docile and almost anorexic (if that's the appropriate term).

He played sparingly in his rookie season, but really came into his own in 2005, developing into a true playmaker and one of the league's hardest-hitting safeties.The Yamato also has a huge and imposing tower mast, almost like an overbearing skyscraper, and the hull lines in particular just looks mean. The world of sports is chock full of men who are just plain intimidating.Sports are, after all, just like any other competition, where intimidation is one of the major keys to victory.If you were to sit back and try to rattle off a list of the most intimidating athletes of all-time, I suspect that names like Lawrence Taylor, Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali and maybe Randy Johnson would all come to mind.I'd be kinda nervous about China because of the cultural and language differences more than anything. Back in 2013-14 I went to Amman and it was very stressful beforehand but it turned out great. I'm not even allowed to brush my teeth with tap water there (has to be from bottled or filtered water), which means things like fresh fruits/veggies are even potentially problematic. My biggest problem (thought I was getting typhoid fever) was from drinking locally made iced tea at a restaurant.I'm mostly nervous about the food situation, but I'm sure I'll be fine. 99% of the time we had bottled water to drink but after this ONE time I got sick... He was healthy and normal then for 3 days he sorta shut down completely. I'm so attached to my cats that I don't know how I'm going to handle going to China for over a week without a phone (so no ability to get pics/updates on how they're doing).The vet did a few tests and found he had advanced diabetes and his kidneys had started failing. 🤦🏼‍♀️So the thought of losing them is super painful. Especially with the seafood you're liable to encounter.If you can grasp all that, then the fact that Theo Fleury, who stood at just 5'6," was able to play the sport at such a high level is amazing in and of itself.Factor in the fact that he was one of the more physical players around in his time, and you'll realize he was a Grade A badass.


  1. Define intimidation. intimidation synonyms. he would care little for his threats of using violence, and that he gives way to him not out of intimidation.

  2. Here are 5 signs you may have an intimidating personality. including about irrelevant questions or other dialogue that accomplishes little to nothing.

  3. The world of sports is chock full of men who are just plain intimidating. Sports are, after all, just like any other competition, where intimidation is one.

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