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Roy chiu and tang yan dating

I have an fellow Chinese Feng Mi Shipper buddy (she's married with a 3 year boy) who strongly recommended that I check out his dramas.After watching some random clips of Roy Chiu in police uniform in Unbeatable and his Waking Up Love's business attire, I think this guy is one of the best looking or pretty Chinese actors out there.However, Roy’s manager retaliated and criticised her for lying about her age.Responding on Tiffany’s hint of Roy’s dishonesty, Roy’s manager said, “We have nothing to respond about someone who even lies at her age.” initially reflected Tiffany’s age as 27 and year of birth as 1986.I found his facial features very delicate and refined, almost "feminine." LOL. And even before I knew anything about Roy Qiu or knew anything about his acting, and before I watched Hawick's performance, I surprisingly chose Roy Qiu's face to stick to the Mo Shaoqian's character (though I also had Daniel Wu's face in mind).The girl I had in mind to play Tong Xue is a young talented and underrated actress named Shu Chang (she's the evil concubine in Gong 2).

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They are one pair of memorizing eyes if he look intently at you. I remember someone once asked me who is my ideal actor to play Mo Shaoqian.When news reporters asked him about it, he supposedly admitted that the photo was his "good luck charm" and he does have a "crush" on Tang Yan, but they're not dating. Though I still wouldn't watch the whole thing without the power of "Fast-Fowarding." Another plus is an absolutely, STUNNINGLY HANDSOME Roy Qiu in his nicely tailored suits.I always heard about Roy Qiu, but never actually watched any of his series before Waking Up Love.In 2007, she was nominated for the Best Actress award at the Shanghai Television Festival for her film debut in Farewell for Love.She left her company Orange Sky Entertainment Group mid-2012 to set up her own studio.She reunited with Chinese Paladin 3 co-star Wallace Huo in Perfect Couple (2014), a historical romantic comedy written by Tong Hua.The drama topped online online views, winning Tang and Huo the Best Couple award at the China TV Drama Awards.I only persisted and gave it one last try after reading about Roy Chiu and Tang Yan's dating rumors on Sina weibo. And the development of the story got somewhat more interesting after Episode 9. I've actually heard about the Roy Chiu/Tang Yan's romantic rumors for a period of time already.(Regarding the dating rumors, Roy Qiu posted up a photo of himself in his race car on Sina weibo last week and sharp-eyed Chinese netizens noticed that he has a photo of Tang Yan pinned up on his race car door. I took it as rubbish if since there was no concrete evidence to support they have anything romantic going on off-screen...until the photo of Tang Yan.) Despite the cliche plot devices and some mediocre acting, I must say some bits and pieces of this series are quite entertaining.Tang rose to fame after starring in Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), adapted from the video game of the same title.Tang's portrayal of Zi Xuan and her chemistry with Wallace Huo drew positive reviews from the audience.


  1. Mar 11, 2012 Since news broke last week that Roy Qiu had a picture of Tang Yan in his race car as his good luck goddess, a slew of inside sources and sleuthing have.

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