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Dating disaters

Although you can probably convince readers to look at a book about Atlantis’ court intrigue, it’s more of a struggle than selling a story about Peter Parker, the guy next door.

One way that you could help readers care about a highly exotic character is by giving him a few distinctly human characteristics.

For example, the Green Lanterns recruit someone only after they have proven themselves worthy.

Likewise, the Amazons choose Diana to be Wonder Woman not because Diana was born a princess, but because she snuck into the Amazonian trials and won the competition. Instead of being born a prince, make him born into a low caste.

For example, even a savage alien warrior might have an affection for his family that seems positively human.

In contrast, Osborn believes that power and come hand in hand, which is why he kills his business competitors. blue-collar aspect to the fight, which is especially compelling because the series doesn’t romanticize poverty too much.

have to convince us that we should care about his story.

Readers tend to prefer stories that feel relatable.

Instead of making him an object of unbridled admiration, like Eragon, may he has to overcome widespread doubt and/or contempt. It may be useful to tie your character’s origin story to the villain’s plot.

Ideally, your hero will have Spiderman has an origin story that builds a tight plot.


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