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Local caching of the user profile on a desktop computer hard drive can reduce and improve login and logout times, but at the penalty of cluttering up the hard drive with profile data from every cached user who logs in.Local caching is more suitable where people tend to use the same computer every day.Microsoft also stores shortcut files in the Recent profile folder, linking to recently opened files and folders.File servers tend to only transfer large files several megabytes in size at the fastest possible network speed.on a computer on your organization’s network, information from their roaming user profile is copied from the network to their local computer.

Unlike with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the .v6 extension will work immediately and does not require a Windows Update to be installed nor an entry in the Registry.

Beyond that simple but important change, the Tech Net article stayed the same and can be read for further details.

With this information, we can continue to follow the previous ‘Mandatory Profiles with Windows 8.1 Update‘ article here on 404TS though mandatory profiles on Windows 10 have proven stubborn.

Microsoft updated the Tech Net article on roaming profiles yesterday.

The updated information states that Windows 10 Anniversary Update will use a .v6 extension to distinguish itself from other operating system versions of the profile.


  1. These should connect to our VPN and login on our AD server Windows Server 2012 R2. I connect to the VPN at the login screen of the Client-VM and I get logged in without any errors, but e.g. the user-librarys are not synchronized. When I logout. The roaming profile could not be fully updated. Details.

  2. Mar 22, 2010. We installed Windws 7 on a few pc's, and after that, whenever someone logged onto those computers, their roaming profiles on Server 2003 could not. Windows reads the roaming profile, and all your files are downloaded to the local computer, but it does not update when you log off, and any changes are.

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