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Dating and communication problems Adult chat lines free trails canada

Instead, wait until you've calmed down, even if it means a day or two later.

If your friend wants to talk and you're still upset, tell them:"I do want to talk about this with you, but I'm really upset right now and want to wait until I can clear my head.

This means that instead of waiting to let an issue build, you address it right away.

Or that you confidently state your opinion, even though you know your friend disagrees.

Let me know what's the best way to contact you so I don't leave you out next time."Work Toward a Goal of Bettering Your Friendship Make sure all your communication has a point to it: to improve your friendship.

If you're saying or doing things that don't benefit the friendship, perhaps it's a good idea just to leave them alone.

Say something like:"I wrote on your Facebook wall about the party, but I guess you didn't see it.

I use Facebook a lot myself, but if you don't that's okay.

Are there certain times when you and a friend usually misunderstand each other?

Did you make plans over Facebook that got messed up?

Or text a friend that you were going to meet them somewhere but they never showed?

Maybe you think about something you want to tell them, but your mind wanders and you end up talking about a bunch of other things instead.

This is okay if it works for your friendship, but if you're having a lot of misunderstandings, it's time to use the mental edit button. Look out for situations like these: Learn to Be Assertive Many people think being assertive means walking all over people, but in fact it actually means that you confidently talk to others when you have something to say.


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