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"I got very concerned because it was definitely not in these girls' nature to not answer," he said.Shrim said he contacted police Friday, asking them to check at Kelley's house.Mc Croskey appeared to be a loner, they said, and always wore a hooded black sweatshirt.On his My Space page, the red-haired Mc Croskey posed with a skull-bedecked bandanna covering the lower part of his face.

Neither the two girls nor Mc Croskey responded to phone calls, text messages or e-mails, Shrim said.

He was arrested Saturday at Richmond International Airport, police said, one day after the bodies were found decomposing in a home in Farmville, Va., and one day before his scheduled flight back to the Bay Area.

Richard Alden Samuel Mc Croskey III is set to be arraigned today on charges including murder. It's hard to imagine what these people must have gone through," said police Sgt.

more Richard Mc Croskey of Castro Valley called himself "Syko Sam" and rapped about the thrill of killing people.

But the 20-year-old's message board on My was dominated by a different theme - a teen girl from Virginia, Emma Niederbrock, lavishing him with affection.


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