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They can be legit businesses, or just a fly-by-night organizations hoping to make a lot of money before they get shut down for ripping off the caller. One sure bet in this category is Web900, a third-party billing service that offers flat-rate calls through various services.Web900 doesn't let you go over and there are no refunds for unused minutes.You have to let the operator of the phone sex know what you are into or what really gets you off.This will make the experience with you and her special.Most rely on credit card payment, but many companies accept pre-payment with Paypal or similar pre-payment organizations.

This helps them track their regular customers and know what to expect from a call.This is where you might be likely to run into phone sluts with thick accents.You may run into people with barely any grasp of the language you're speaking, and companies who don't answer to the same type of fraud laws as where you're calling from.Make sure you specifically ASK what the rate is and if it changes the longer you talk. If you want to go beyond a cut-off, however, the phone slut will have to end the call and you'll have to call the dispatcher and request a new session. Beware services with advertising slogans like "hot Swedish sluts wet and ready for your call." Oftentimes, these can be services that connect out of the country, and the girls don't necessarily speak English.Not to mention the laws and practices of credit card fraud can vary from country to country. Keep your eye on which services advertise in multiple publications and websites.An experienced phone sex operator can talk you through any type of fantasy you have.1.The billing rate does not necessarily correspond to the level of experience you can expect.Would you like to be in bed with someone that doesnt know what to do?Open up and talk for a while on what sexual pleasures she would like to experience during the call or what types of sexual pleasures you want her to talk to you about during the phone call.On the plus side, you're only paying the pre-designated long distance charges, whatever they may be.If you're thinking of calling one of these numbers you should ALWAYS call your long distance provider and verify what the rates will be for the call.


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