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Such limitations are particularly pronounced in regards to children and adolescents.

These youth are rarely addressed in the literature, and when they are, scholars tend to focus on adult victimization of children rather than children’s victimization of their peers.

Female sexual offenders are more common among juvenile offenders than adult offenders, with approximately 2 percentage points more female juvenile sex offenders than female adult sex offenders.

We also found that males were much more likely to self-report being victimized by female sex offenders compared with females (40% vs. The current study provides a robust estimate of the prevalence of female sexual offending, using a large sample of sexual offenses across diverse countries.

Data reveal that, while boys’ violence towards girls comprises a substantial proportion of sexual violence in this population, same-sex violence and girls’ violence towards boys are also prevalent.Based on 17 samples from 12 countries, the current meta-analysis found that a small proportion of sexual offenses reported to police are committed by females (fixed-effect meta-analytical average = 2.2%).In contrast, victimization surveys indicated prevalence rates of female sexual offenders that were six times higher than official data (fixed-effect meta-analytical average = 11.6%).• Further academic and educational work is needed to eradicate negative stereotypes towards male survivors.Women commit sexual offenses, but the proportion of sexual offenders who are female is subject to debates.This study investigates the prevalence of unwanted sexual contact among middle students.Data are from a sample of 1,371 students attending New York City public middle schools.Highlights • Despite positive changes to UK law, other Westernized nations have more thorough gender-neutral legislation.• Lack of funding and staff training in UK services means that support for male survivors is lacking.Psychological violence, followed by physical and sexual violence, was the most frequently reported experience.The majority of the men did not seek help because of difficulty in self-identifying as victims, shame, and distrust of the support system.


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  3. A. A. Randle & C. A. Graham A review of the evidence on the effects of intimate partner violence on men, in Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 122 2011, 96-111.

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