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Each of the times I’ve witnessed it I’m left wondering, how could this be?How could a woman who has seen and overcome so much still have such unbridled zest for life?Her ability to blow away the scary mystique that surrounds cancer.

I want to celebrate Charlotte’s unique personality.

We ended the evening by joining together to all sing a rousing rendition of “Climb Every Mountain,” from , a favorite of Charlotte’s which perfectly captures her irrepressible instinct to help others, no matter what obstacles stand in her way.

This enchanted evening beautifully expressed our love and appreciation for all Charlotte has done in her 90 years on this earth (and continues to do) to keep the Gerson Therapy alive throughout the world, bringing hope and healing to those hungry to live and learn.

I celebrate Charlotte for having demonstrated that one person, moreover a woman, without big money, political power or friends in high places CAN achieve the impossible, against heavy odds, by sheer determination and a passionate belief in the rightness of her cause.

Imagine for a moment Charlotte way back in the late 70’s, all alone, with her father’s book as her sole weapon and anchor – and look at the result of her work today, the multitude of people, past and present patients, helper, volunteers, staff, trainees, trainers, caregivers, all linked by a common cause. But not your ordinary love like we have for those close to us, although this is an important love too.


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