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Malay girl dating chinese guy dating morocco site marriage

i'm so happy for both of you...hopefully you can learn alot of things in your relationship.

No point having a 5 year relationship and then this problem starts later on. How to Make an Ex Like You Again Hi there, I am just like you too. But if you think you cannot handle this please don't continue, it will hurt both you and your bf.

I agree with you, that we will be the one spending the rest of our lives with the other person.

We're still the same, got 2 legs, got 2 hands, 1 body, 1 mind. Will you be truely happy to be with some chinese guy and knowing that you still have a spot in your heart for your bf?

I will have to be more stronger and give more support to my bf cuz we noe that his parents will do something nasty to us cuz they recently threatened him again to break up with me by end of this year.

Anyway, I just gotten to noe that his parents were nt of the same religion either.


  1. Chinese guy dating malay girl. Click here to cancel reply. Barry December 11, at I doubt a Chinese chinese guy dating malay girl would be interested in a Malay guy.

  2. How can a Chinese guy date a Japanese girl. Most rules is as the same as dating a Chinese girl 1. How do you tell a Chinese guy from a Japanese.

  3. Disapproving Family And Distance Could Not Stop This Malay. year and I’m married to a Chinese girl. that she was dating me, a Malay guy that.

  4. I am a chinese girl dating a muslim boyfriend. there are lots of food in malaysia but we eat everything except pork.chinese, malay. now dating with chinese guy.

  5. Not all Chinese girls like Malay men. But I have a co worker who's being dating a Malay guy for 10 years and recently got married.

  6. But i have never seen chinese guy date malay/indian girls. try to date them and you will know the difference between dating a malay girl and chinese girl.

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