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takes a closer look at who is to blame, as well as how women are fighting back.

Sexual harassment has been a growing problem in Egypt over the last few years, especially in Cairo.

US law is based on each citizen being an Enemy of the federal government, which is a private, foreign for profit corporation.

The National debt is an illusion perpetrated by the international bankers who own and control the Federal Reserve (private cartel of private banks for profit separate from any government.) When the real, living man/ woman, steps forward and makes a claim, then they lose jurisdiction.

The grantor of this deed, would have been the grantee in former years when he got this land.

(The earlier deed would be at a date before this deed.)I look up each deed, make notes as to that deed and the former deed, then look up the former deed, and repeat this.

Maybe you have to work with a clerk there to ask many questions until you understand how the records are available.

If you want to take away a copy of a deed, you write a list of the deeds you want them to look up and copy (& sign as certified). They should go to the end of each deed whether 1 or 10 pages long.

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Although it must be in the public, with notice for 30 to 60 days, it is an effective defense immediately unless someone one else can come forward with signed paperwork that they have a claim on your land (I dont think they can).

They copied them, then embossed the deed with the court seal, then their notary there signed them that it was a certified copy.

Certified copies from the county records is admissible and durable in court.

Then I get a certified copy of all the deeds that I can see.

Sometimes when I study them at home I either see errors and or other info that I need. Only then will you know how many deeds have been involved. Sometime a deed will combine the properties that were separate deeds before and or it will later sell pieces of the whole land to different people at different times.


  1. According to the fourth quarter and year-end 2017 Home Sales Report, the year-to-date market volume for 2017 grew 8.5 percent over 2016 volume, totaling more than $41.476 billion up from $38.215 billion. Average days on the. New River Valley Association of REALTORS added 2 new photos — with Frank Kregloe.

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