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They’d tell you about pirates, cotton, and a revolutionary town plan dating to 1733.They’d tell you about a citizenry that treats hospitality as an art form, of a St.Patrick’s Day celebration that defies description, and of a city’s beauty so profound that it stopped even General William Tecumseh Sherman in his tracks.They’d tell you about a group of women who banded together to protect this historic treasure, inventing the modern preservation movement in the process.Tour the city and see gorgeous gardens, bustling boutiques, edgy artwork and stately Victorian-era homes.

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The fall from mid-September through mid-November is a good time to visit Savannah, GA when it is uncrowded and room rates are reasonable.

Fascinating artists discover the Savannah muse each year.

Savannah’s charm is something out of a fairytale - it’s the most beautiful city in the nation.

Savannah, Georgia is a charming Southern escape where art, period architecture, trendy boutiques and ghost stories are all set under a veil of Spanish moss.

Savannah is a place where cuisine comes straight from the coast and cocktails are served at every meal. Historic and hip, Savannah’s neighborhoods are full of character.


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