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The availability of elders through the support groups, sampling bias, subject effect, and self-report were limitations of the study.The commonest examples of CAM used by rural elders were prayer, vitamins, exercise, meditation, herbs, chiropractic medicine, glucosamine, and music therapy.Poverty is more widespread in rural areas and even higher among rural minorities, with 35.2% of rural AA living in poverty compared to 26.9% of urban AA.Private health insurance coverage is more common for residents of urban areas while Medicare spends more per capita on urban beneficiaries (,288) than rural beneficiaries (,375) [].Few CAM therapies have federal regulations to guide choices made about CAM.The most commonly used CAM by the older adult has been reported as chiropractic medicine, herbal remedies, relaxation techniques, megavitamins and religious or spiritual healing [].The design was a descriptive, comparative study of 183 elders who reported the number of CAM used and satisfaction with CAM.A convenience sample was recruited through community service organizations in the state of Mississippi.

Patients in rural areas experience a variety of unmet needs partly due to limited access to primary care, fewer resources to choose from, lower income, less comprehensive health coverage, ill-equipped or poorly staffed health care agencies, and geographic isolation [].The use of herbal remedies (ginkgo biloba and ginseng), vitamins, music therapy, touch, massage therapy, and neurofeedback have benefit in the older adult with implications for improved cognitive function [].In a recent study describing members of Shield 65, a Blue Shield Medicare supplement that offers CAM coverage for people over 65, 41% of older adults used some form of CAM, with 80% reporting some improvement in their health conditions.Understanding choices of CAM use is critical to provide optimal care to older, rural patients as certain remedies may be harmful or interfere with conventional medicine.With the increase in the older population and the number of persons who are choosing CAM, there has been a demand for research to examine the feasibility, benefits, clinical usefulness and development of CAM interventions in older adults.Because of a predicted increase in chronic conditions, older adults may be choosing to use CAM more often than previously to help manage their health.There is lack of information regarding specific costs, benefits, risks, or precautions pertinent to the older adult.Health care providers must be aware that elders are using CAM and are satisfied with their use.Identifying different uses of CAM by ethnicity is important for health care practitioners, impacting how health care is provided.These older adults who use CAM cited arthritis, back pain, heart disease, allergies, and diabetes as reasons using CAM [ Cultural diversity and the health care practices specific to a culture can shape the system of health care in a country.The assumption that conventional medical practice is the choice for all races is incorrect. citizens to other cultures and cultural healing methods, as well as documented effectiveness of CAM used in different cultures, has spawned interest in CAM in this country.


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  5. Complementary and alternative medicine CAM use by african american AA and caucasian american CA older adults in a rural setting a descriptive, comparative study. Norma CuellarEmail author,; Teresa Aycock,; Bridgett Cahill and; Julie Ford. BMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineThe official journal of the.

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