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Just type in the term of your choice or select an option from the list of current hot trends, and Twitterfall will start dropping in related updates, one by one.

You can control how quickly the tweets fall, and you can stipulate any number of combined terms that the tweets must include. Tweeting Too Hard For all of Twitter’s strengths, it seems to attract an inordinate number of tools whose tweets make you cringe.

The site finds both audio and video files from multiple sources, and then allows you to create playlists and share them via Facebook or Twitter. i Meem Video isn’t its specialty, but i Meem excels at tracking down the music tracks you want.

Find and stream your favorite tunes and save them to custom playlists.

Our only criterion: Every site should be entertaining and habit-forming. Now just put up your privacy screen, kick back, and start clicking.

Caveat: If you get caught, it won’t do you any good to tell your boss that we’re the ones who suggested it.

Cracked has an array of amusing lists, stories, and videos that’ll keep you laughing for days. Why people cant menage to reed there writhing batter is simpy a misery to me. Safety Graphic Fun Do park visitors generally need to be told “Please do not sit on crocodile”?

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Figuring that you’re already familiar with the Facebooks and You Tubes and Onions of the Net, we decided that any further serious undermining of your motivation to labor entailed digging up some obscure nuggets to commingle with the more familiar destinations.

The jam-packed aggregator presents the most popular content from social media sites, news sites, and even video sites in a simple-to-use single page. Fuzzwich Step into the director’s chair with Fuzzwich, a fun site that lets you build your own video animations.

You pick the setting and the characters, and then customize them with faces cropped from your personal photos.

Then, you use the site’s editing program to move the characters around and have them interact.

Once you get tot he stage of adding music and text bubbles, you’ll be hooked.


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