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Who has it harder in dating

I made that need known last weekend in a calm, rational way.In your book, you said that if a guy isn’t seeing you more than once a week by the 3 months point, he probably isn’t interested in a serious relationship.It's the other guys out there who are getting some that's his real competition. While it may be easier for women to find a partner for sex, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is any easier for them in dating.

For example, I have to work from home as I have two special needs children, one of whom would be very expensive to find child care for. It's what NORMAL PEOPLE do given their limitations, which EVERY SINGLE person has in one arena or another. Women have don't realize nor acknowledge how difficult it can be for men in dating as well. So if what you say is true (no comment...let's just.. We all have things that are harder, or that we perceive as harder, than another group. Think you have to "work harder" at dating than a woman? Like ANYBODY who has a given category that requires harder work, generally does.

My question is this – does this apply to widowers as well or is it fair to give him a little more time and just get busy with other things so I don’t put pressure on him?

He says he has always taken it slow in dating and this is nothing new.

He’s a recent widower (wife died of cancer in June 2010.) We started dating just after Labor Day. We live about an hour and 1/2 apart and he has a very high level job and a big house to take care of (and a dog.) There has been no sex yet but lots of “foreplay.” He says he always waits to have sex until he’s more sure of the woman.

I want to see more of him at this point (3 months,) especially on Saturday nights.


  1. If she is hot and has a minimum of decency in her. But I’d say dating is harder because. And that is why it is harder to date people as you get.

  2. IDK just FML. 16 Ways Technology Has Made Dating More Difficult Than It Needs To Be IDK just FML.

  3. Our Social Media Addiction Makes Dating. Dr. Alex Lickerman states that technology has made it harder for us. You Know You're A Social Media.

  4. Don’t date someone who adds stress to your life. Someone who makes you feel even more anxious. Someone who makes your life harder than it has to be. Don.

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