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Meadowcroft Rockshelter is a site where archeologists have found evidence of human life that dates back nearly 16,000 years.

He decided the best strategy would be to keep the discovery a secret until he could find a professional archeologist to excavate the site properly.On November 12, 1955, Albert Miller discovered there might be more to his property than he had ever imagined.On that day, Miller discovered a groundhog hole that contained flint flakes and burnt bone. “He was very well-read and somewhat of an amateur archaeologist himself,” says David R. “Albert, having grown up here, always suspected this was an area populated by native peoples.” That day, Miller’s findings confirmed his suspicions.As the creek zigzagged through the valley, the rock shelter was carved out under sandstone.It is believed that as early natives wandered through the area, they used the rock shelter as a place to stay to escape the elements.Since Clovis had traditionally been credited to hold the oldest remains for many years, the discovery of Meadowcroft created quite a controversy.The news was made public just nine days before President Nixon resigned, the Meadowcroft discovery was published on the front page of the (perhaps to distract the public from the resignation predicament).Adovasio heard about Meadowcroft in 1973 and thought the site might contain enough work to keep them busy.When Miller met Adovasio, he realized that he was just the archeologist that he had been waiting for to uncover the remains he had found.“We did not realize the depth of the deposits or its antiquity,” says Adovasio. It was literally nothing anyone had anticipated.” The archaeological team found a wide array of artifacts including stone tool fragments, whole tools, projectile points, pottery fragments, and wooden instruments.To figure out exactly how old these artifacts actually were, the archeological team conducted radiocarbon dating testing on them.


  1. Meadowcroft Rockshelter. Avella. Pre-Clovis sites have to have artifacts dating older than. The early radiocarbon dates from Meadowcroft have been.

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