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The so-called Indus Valley civilization (also known as the "Harappan civilization" for one of its chief cities) is thought to have originated as early as 7000 BC and to have reached is height between 2300 to 2000 BC, at which point it encompassed over 750,000 square miles and traded with Mesopotamia.Some writings of this period has been discovered, but unfortunately in such small amounts that they have yet to be deciphered.In the last few decades, the history of India's religion has also become a matter of political controversy.The history of any nation (or individual) is an important part of its self-identity, and this is especially true of India, which so recently gained independence after centuries of colonial rule.The controversy over India's history centers on the origin of the Aryan culture, as we shall see in more detail below.In 1921, archaeologists uncovered evidence of an ancient civilization along the Indus River, which today runs through northwest India into Pakistan.Knowledge of this great civilization's religion must therefore be based on physical evidence alone.

The most ancient writings have yet to be deciphered, so for the earliest periods scholars must rely on educated guesses based on archaeology and contemporary texts. Is the Rastafarian / Rasta god "˜Jah' the same as the Christian God? What is the World Mission Society Church of God, and what do they believe? What is the Restored Church of God, and what do they believe? Proponents of this hypothesis point to similarities between Zoroastrianism (the ancient religion of Iran) and the Vedic religion of ancient India, as well as similar finds in ancient cemeteries in modern-day India and Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.In addition, no trace of horses or chariots have been found in the remains of the Indus Valley culture, but were central to Aryan military and ritual life.The Indus Valley culture began to decline around 1800 BC, due possibly to flooding or drought.Until recently, it was held that the Aryans (an Indo-European culture whose name comes from the Sanskrit for "noble") [3] invaded India and Iran at this time. Who is Apollo Quiboloy and what is the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church? What are the religious / spiritual beliefs of Native Americans? What is Christadelphianism and what do Christadelphians believe? Who are the Hare Krishnas and what do they believe?


  1. This article is adapted from Date-Onomics by Jon Birger Workman Publishing Company, 2015 The dating game is rigged, but the problem is not strategic — it’s.

  2. Web site policies Menu Controversy over the use of the "CE/BCE" and "AD/BC" dating notation. Sponsored link. Overview Unfortunately, "CE" has two unrelated meanings.

  3. If you're interested in a quest for truth, it would be wise to start with the faith system best describing the man many other systems already acknowledge.

  4. Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other's suitability as a prospective partner.

  5. Questions about Cults & Religions What is the definition of a cult? What is the right religion for me? Is Jesus the only way of salvation?

  6. Zoroastrianism, or more natively Mazdayasna, is one of the world's oldest extant religions, "combining a cosmogonic dualism and eschatological monotheism in a manner.

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