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Xcode 4 resources not updating blind guy dating movie wiki

Resources that are required soon after the first app launch can be set to automatically prefetch after installation. For example, one set could be all scenery associated with a forest and called Usually the operating system starts downloading resources associated with a tag when the tag is requested by an app and the resources are not already on the device.

Some tags contain resources that are important the first time the app launches or are required soon after the first launch.

By letting the bundle determine the location of the file, you are always assured of loading the correct file.

This chapter shows you how to use the opaque type to locate files and obtain other information about your bundle.

If the user takes a long time between installing the app and launching the app, it is possible that prefetched resources are no longer on the device.Once these changes are in place, the audio unit will build and run in Mac OS X Lion and also run when deployed in Mac OS X v10.6.x.This technical note discusses these changes using the Filter Demo audio unit sample code project as an example.The main bundle is the bundle that contains the code and resources for the running application.If you are an application developer, this is the most commonly used bundle.This error can happen at any time, including when your app is in the background.For information on detecting this storage problem, see The most useful tool for debugging an unexpected state problem is the disk gauge shown in the debug navigator when your app is run in debug mode.For example, if the host is reachable but the resources cannot be downloaded, either the app has the wrong URL for resources, or the host configuration has changed.Other common network issues include the following: The error of exceeding the amount of system memory for on-demand resources can occur in two ways.It can check for network connectivity and the type of connection, and it can determine whether a specific host is reachable.You can use the information to isolate common networking problems.


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