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Vespa dating certificate

If you passed your full Uk car license AFTER 19th January 2013 the rules have changed.

The most important thing with NOVA is not to panic!HMRC require you to register your import through the scheme within 14 days.For either method, you will be required to input your details, whether you are importing as an individual or company, the person you purchased the vehicle from, whether you and they are VAT registered and the vehicle details and price.NOVA is HMRC's Notification Of Vehicle Arrivals scheme.It has been introduced to ensure that people liable to pay VAT on their imports do so.We would recommend reading the official HMRC and DVLA articles on these topics in addition to this information.Lambretta three-wheelers and Lambros are classed as a tricycle for the purposes of licensing, Mot, insurance and registration.If you need any advice, please do call HMRC and ask their advice as they are very helpful.If you are a VAT registered business, you should speak with your accountant. For example, you bought a Lambro to the UK a few years ago, have been busy restoring your new vehicle and now you find out you cannot register the vehicle without having completed NOVA.Lambros vary in BHP but are generally less than 10BHP (unless you have tinkered with it!) and so therefore roughly 7.5W and so you can drive them on an A1 license.


  1. INFORMATION MATERIALS Piaggio & C. S.p. A. does not send out brochures, stickers, catalogues or other materials. The brochures for each current model can be downloaded from the Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera websites in the pages dedicated to individual models or through the sales network of Piaggio, Vespa and.

  2. THOSE OLD VESPA SPARES, THOSE BITS AND PIECES AND ANY OLD VESPA YOU'VE GOT LYING AROUND, IN THE SHED, GARAGE OR ROTTING AWAY IN THE GARDEN. BASICALLY. ride starts 3/4th kick. Vintage Motor Scooter Club dating certificate Genuinely sorry to have to sell this but disability forces sell.

  3. There are three changes to be aware of; NOVA which is detailed above, the closure of the local DVLA offices and new requirements for dating certificates. NOVA - you must have processed your vehicle through the NOVA scheme before DVLA will issue a plate. When you send off your V55 form, the DVLA check your chassis.

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