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Etiquette rules on dating

The hat-on in shopping mall makes sense as it is a public space, and a virtual hallway. What if you need to use both hands to do the shopping, push a shopping cart?

(examples: Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway, Tesco, and so on). But a fancy shop (example: jewelry store) where you don’t necessarily need both hands, and there are counters where you might easily put your hat down: hat-off in these cases?

It’s all about when it’s proper or not proper to wear a hat. Women should always pack one large scarf and one long skirt when traveling internationally for such a need to cover your head. At a Church: Historically churches required women to wear hats or scarves. However, some churches encourage women to wear hats, and in some places it has become quite a lovely display across the entire sanctuary.

not even when you are having a bad hair day or need to cover up a bald spot on your head. Do your research or ask someone before entering such places of worship.

I always remove my hat in a restaurant, in a home, when a woman is present, in any confined space with a woman present.

Also tip my hat when passing a woman on the street who looks at me.

He determined this style indicated a direct correlation to the wearer’s apparent I. Observant men wear theirs during all waking hours, except when bathing and swimming. It’s a constant reminder of their humility before God and strong belief in something greater than themselves.

How to Take off a Hat: When taking off your hat, hold it so only the outside of the hat shows, not the inside and lining.


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